Software Development

We build web applications to help small and mid-sized businesses create new income sources, increase revenue and grow.

Ongoing Projects

Catering Platform

Most of the local restaurants offer catering service just because their competitors do. They never realize the big potential in catering, we are building an innovative platform to generate more income for local restaurants and catering business owners.

Zero commission

We do not charge commissions, we have a fixed monthly fee that covers everything you need to become successful in catering business.

Grow your customer base

See all customer information and engage with them directly to increase customer satisfaction.

Reach potential customers

We provide a comprehensive marketing service to help you reach customers within your service range. We do the heavy lifting, you do the catering.

Our partners have access to our private beta. We are currently accepting new partners. If you own a local restaurant, catering business please fill the form below to contact us.